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Sports Games

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Fish Hunter 2
Spear as many fish as possible in 2 minutes.

100m Running
Run 100M as fast as you can, your best time will be submitted.

See in game.

Putter Nutter
Help your golf player in putting all the balls accurately in the hole before time runs out.

Pool game .

Bend it like Beckham
Here`s your chance to really bend it like Beckham. Get the ball in the goal as quickly as possible.

Head Blast
How far can you headbutt a soccer player ?

Zombie Golf
See in the game!.

Battle With Vader
Your destiny is complete, face Darth Vader.

Wakeboarding 3
Jump the wake from the boat and do tricks in the air to score points.

Sports Smash
You have 5 minutes to collect as many points as you can.

Everybodys Golf
A 9 hole cutsie golf game.

From Start To Finish
The game is a timed race through 5 different sports: hurdling, football, swimming, basketball and motorcycling.

Fishing The Sea
Catch your quota to advance levels.

Surf Adventure
Lilo & Stitch surfing adventure!

Do as many tricks as you can before you reach the end

Table Football
Play a game of Table Football against the computer.

Mountain Bike
Ride a BMX bike on the beauteous hilly terrain and reach the end of track before the energy bar approaches zero to explore more new exciting levels.

Torino 2006 Snowboarding
Snowboarding Torino 2006 Olympic Style

Zidane Showdown
Zidane needs to practise some moves.
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