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Sports Games

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Bike Stunts
Get points for each stunt you do. See if you really are the best!

Billiard Frenzy
A 6 ball pool Game

PUFF,s Skate Jam
Thanks to Bede and Cece,
Puff,s been catapulted of the house and anto aspeeding

Speed Biker
3D Flash racing at its very best. Speed Biker requires fast reactions and skill as you race to beat the traffic and pick up the green bonus points.

Dodge Ball
Toss a ball to knock out your opponents.

Torino 2006 Snowboarding
Snowboarding Torino 2006 Olympic Style

Soccer Challenge
Soccer Challenge is a set of 8 mini games based on the theme of soccer (football).
You control a small blue footballer with the mouse and must accomplish 8 challenges against time.
Your global score is the sum of the 8 scores.
The skills required to enter the highscores or even to become the world champion, are ability, strategy, and quickness.

What a Shot
You Have 1 Minute to Make As Many Baskets As you Can

A very different and entertaining kind of sport.

Darts - 501
Start with a point value of 501 and each number you hit will subtract that value from your starting points. Use the spacebar to aim and throw darts. Watch the status board for important rules and score information.

Flash Golf
A fun, nicely designed flash golf game, with realistic physics and graphics. Always fun to play.

Rat Trap
Catch the filthy rodents before they eat all your cheese.

Avalanche Rider
Collect the bottles as you snowboard down the mountain. Be quick and keep ahead of the Avalanche.

Super Kickups
Click the ball to keep it in the air

Kid Fishing
Catch Fish

Down Hilla
Down Hilla - downhill tubing avid the stumps and rocks

Basketball Rally
Shoot some hoops

Batter Up Beginner
Batter Up Beginner - Batting Game

Skate Thug
Kill all the rollerbladers and anybody else you see

Bmx Tricks
A Bmx game where you have to do flips and trick to score points
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