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Sports Games

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Driving Mad
Your objective is to get a number of balls on the green Each level that number will go up by one!

Long Jump Lite
Record the longest of 6 jumps.

Robo Soccer
Try to outdo your Robot opponent in a game of soccer.

Amazing Patate Drive
Golf with a potatoe

Ice Hockey
Score As many goals as you can!

Super Headers
You need to use your head here. As the balls fall, place Stan underneath to head them up again. Head as many balls into the goal as possible. Miss three balls and it's game over.

Field Goal FootBall
Try to Kick As Many Field Goals As Possible..

Garage Door Tennis
You can aim the ball by hitting it with different parts of your racket.

FisherMan Sam
Harpoon fish but avoid the poison fish and mines!

Rat Trap
Catch the filthy rodents before they eat all your cheese.

Gogo Pogo
Avoid paper airplanes and wind machines as you wind your way through intricate 3D-ish environments. Bounce yourself silly.

Monster Pool Side Sumo
Sumo on a Pool!

Adidas Climacool
The faster you run, the cooler the trainers. But will Beckham run fast enough to save the penguin from certain death?...

Zidane Showdown
Zidane needs to practise some moves.

All Star Dodge Ball
A all star game of dodge ball

Colt Crouse
Play 9 holes of golf.

Pool Jam - 10 Minute Game
Pool Jam is a fun, single-player Pool game. Players have 10 minutes to clear as many balls from the table as possible.

BMX Ramp
It's time to get on your bike and head down to the BMX Ramp to show off your biking skills. Ride your bike, gain acceleration and perform stunts on your bike while in the air. The more difficult the stunt the more points you will earn.

Mole in One
You must collect the golf balls and help Dougy the mole find the flag in as few shots as possible. There are 18 holes.

Billiard Pro
Its pool, sink the balls
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