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Sports Games

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Torino 2006 Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey Torino 2006 Olympic Style

Frog Batting
Hit frogs with a baseball bat.

Air Disc
How many goals can you score in 3mins?

npower Test Series Cricket
You have got 12 overs and 10 wickets to build an unassailable total!

Do as many tricks as you can before you reach the end

Ad-Break Toilet Dash
Quickly dash to the toilet while the adverts are on.

Super Headers
You need to use your head here. As the balls fall, place Stan underneath to head them up again. Head as many balls into the goal as possible. Miss three balls and it's game over.

Feed Mo
Fun Fishing Game

Guest Grandstand
In a few minutes, the soccer game will begin. As an avid fan, youve got a seat in the front row. The seats for special guests are just in front of you but its still a long way to go.

Desktop Fishing
How many fish can you catch in 3 mins?

Mouse Soccer
Kick The Ball In The Goal While Hitting Passers By Before Scoring

Fishing The Sea
Catch your quota to advance levels.

Hit The Sign Cricket
Take the Pitches and hit the signs

Alison Crouse
Play 9 holes of golf.

Do some tricks, while sking downhill!

Trysil Twintip
Set in the beautiful hillsides of Norway's biggest ski resort, you have access to dozens of jumps, rails and neck-twisting slopes. Rail-to-rail-action or maximum airtime on the spring jumps? It's totally up to you

Disco Bowling
Have fun! What could be better than playing a game of bowling and grooving to disco beats!

QB Challenge
How many yards can you throw?

Gogo Pogo
Avoid paper airplanes and wind machines as you wind your way through intricate 3D-ish environments. Bounce yourself silly.

Timely Skateboarding Game
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