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Sports Games

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Ahsau No 1
a skateboarding game!

Garage Door Tennis
You can aim the ball by hitting it with different parts of your racket.


Surf around avoiding the boxes while getting the coins.

Winter Skiing
Snow Skiing

All Star Dodge Ball
A all star game of dodge ball

Colt Crouse
Play 9 holes of golf.

Hail Mary
Its all up to you to score the winning touchdown.

Air Disc
How many goals can you score in 3mins?

Gogo Pogo
Avoid paper airplanes and wind machines as you wind your way through intricate 3D-ish environments. Bounce yourself silly.

Extreme Skate
Negotiate through the course avoiding dangerous obstacles. Collect points on the way with bench grinds and 50/50s.

Rapid Shot
Play Online Hockey. Test your skill, you may have what it takes...

Soccer Strip Quest!
See The Game

Extreme Taz Skateboard Halfpipe
Can you tame the Half Pipe and beat the competition for the Top 100?

Trysil Twintip
Set in the beautiful hillsides of Norway's biggest ski resort, you have access to dozens of jumps, rails and neck-twisting slopes. Rail-to-rail-action or maximum airtime on the spring jumps? It's totally up to you

Pool game .

Super Splash
A fun diving game.

Srike One
A great game of baseball for the baseball fans amongst you ! Practice your swing in this cool game

My Young Fishing
Go Fishing

Get A Grip
Stop with the most skill
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