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Sports Games

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Surfs up dude

Skate Thug
Kill all the rollerbladers and anybody else you see

Have a guess

BamBam's are individual sticks that are hit together to make noise in support of your cause. Hit them as many times as you can!

Get as many rebounds as you can...

Driving Mad
Your objective is to get a number of balls on the green Each level that number will go up by one!

PUFF,s Skate Jam
Thanks to Bede and Cece,
Puff,s been catapulted of the house and anto aspeeding

Turkey Bowling 2005
Bowling with a Christmas twist. Yep its Turkey Bowling!

Soccer Challenge
Soccer Challenge is a set of 8 mini games based on the theme of soccer (football).
You control a small blue footballer with the mouse and must accomplish 8 challenges against time.
Your global score is the sum of the 8 scores.
The skills required to enter the highscores or even to become the world champion, are ability, strategy, and quickness.

Trampoline Trickz 2
Do some crazy tricks on trampoline

Bogan Surf
Surf the waves

Batter Up Professional
Batter Up Proffesional - Batting Game

Santa Snowboard
Help Santa jump the obsticles on his snowboard.

Winter Skiing
Snow Skiing

Basketball Shoot-out
The object of the game is to make as many shots as possible in 30 seconds.

X Skating
Be one of Blink182 and skate nude

247 Mini Golf
The goal of the game is to make the
18 holes with the
minimum number of strokes.

You make points by being
quick and precise.


Speed Biker
3D Flash racing at its very best. Speed Biker requires fast reactions and skill as you race to beat the traffic and pick up the green bonus points.

Wake Boarding
Do the most extreme moves and score the most points.
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