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Racing Games

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Drunk Driver Championship
Think your going in a straight line? Think again law breaker!!!

Short Bus Rampage
Run over kids in your crazy bus. Hit as many as you can.

Spell Racer
Help the witch get back to her castle.

Flash Sprint
Have you got what it takes to be the fastest?

Race against time
There are lots of trucks trying toi cross the border. Their aim is selling oil in the Black Market.

Dont Hit the cones

Cunning Stunt
Kid Canyon needs to jump. Help him.

Mud Rally
Froggy gone a drivin and hes ok - oh yeah

Carling: Race for the chair
Your flatmate says hes busy tonight but you know better. The cheeky sod is just trying to beat you home to grab that ice cold can of Carling from the fridge and nick prime position in front of the footy on the comfy chair. Beat him to it!

Recruitment Drive
Hit the target within the time limit

Micro Machines
Race your Micro Machines around two tracks in the fastest time.

Ghost Rider - Hellfire
Drive through the maps collecting points and power-ups as you do stunts on your flaming motorcycle

Horse Racing
Place bets on horses and earn money.

Road Hogs
Guide the hedgehogs across the road in this quirky game. Save enough hedgehogs and you get to play on more and more difficult roads - ending up on the M25 at rush hour!

Use your driving skills to avoid the gridlock and make your vacation.

Hummer Rally Championship
Try to win the grand-prix in all countries in order to be number 1 in the international championship.

Street Racer
Race Down the Street in Cross the Finish Line in the Shortest ammout of time

Cat Death Auto
Drive around and run over all the cats whilst avoiding hitting everything.

Two Wheeler Trauma
See In Game

Gone In 60 Seconds
Steal 10 cars to save your brother Kip and get $200,000 in cash
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