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Racing Games

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Mud Rally
Froggy gone a drivin and hes ok - oh yeah

Uniroyal Fun Cup
Race 3 laps in the fastest time. *Score type = LOW

Roving Reporter
Play Roving Reporter and get the story!

Offroad Trophy
Drive thru the check points, avoid tearing up your truck!

Park The Caravan
Park the caravan as fast as you can.

Jungle Patrol
Drive your bombastic car through the jungle and defuse all the bombs before the school bus gets blown up.

Aircrafts Race
See The Game

Goosehead Racing
Compete in the Drag Racing Circuit

Mini Moto
Take part in the mini moto racing challenge and compete against the best riders of the mini moto circuit. Race through different tracks and try to beat all of them to qualify for the next track.

Force Leader 2
drive around crash score big!

Grab-A-Snack Hurdles
Dash through the kitchen as fast as you can.

Worldcycle Survival
Avoid the cars coming both ways and see how long you can survive!

Cone Crazy 2
You have 60 seconds to knock down as many cones as you can. You have 3 lives to do this so do not hit the trees.

5 Miles 2 Go
Only 5 miles to go in the race. 5 cars in the "front pack" with same speed, same horsepower are fighting for the lead!!!

Crazy Relax
Collect the items dont crash

Recruitment Drive
Hit the target within the time limit

Spin Off
Drive the car round the circular track.

Race against time
There are lots of trucks trying toi cross the border. Their aim is selling oil in the Black Market.

Renault Mr.X
Are you able to beat Mr.X in this 3D racing game?

Parking Battle of the sexes
Park your car over 3 levels of increasing difficulty
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