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Racing Games

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Uniroyal Fun Cup
Race 3 laps in the fastest time. *Score type = LOW

Monkey Kart
Jimmy Bananas needs to reach the finish in a spectacular race. There are 8 different racers and 5 unique worlds!

Death Chase
See In Game

Carling: Race for the chair
Your flatmate says hes busy tonight but you know better. The cheeky sod is just trying to beat you home to grab that ice cold can of Carling from the fridge and nick prime position in front of the footy on the comfy chair. Beat him to it!

Dino Rennen
Drive Game

Crash Test Danny
How far can you launch Danny's Car? What will propel it further, the airbag or the petrol can?

Danger Wheels
Blow up rival car.

Rocket Car
Rocket Car

Roving Reporter
Play Roving Reporter and get the story!

Extreme Racing 2
Avoid Oil Spills & Dont Hit Other Cars, Stay On The Track For 90 Seconds.

Dont Hit the cones

Goosehead Racing
Compete in the Drag Racing Circuit

Bin Man
its a doggy doggy world in pacworld now

Van TT
Try to get the fastest time. 3 tracks to choose from.

Tatto Artist
Your job is to trace the tatto staying with the lines.

Badger Racing
Bet on racing Badgers

Run Horace, Run!
Avoid the lions and monkeys and keep your distance from the ranger! See how far you can get.

Coyote Roll
Race down the slope to catch the Roadrunner!

3D Space Skimmer
see how far you can guide your spaceship without getting hit wink_smile.gif

Two Wheeler Trauma
See In Game
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