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Classic Games

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Bonus Pong
Pong game, with a bonus incentive.

Arkanoid Flash
Arkanoid Clone

DBZ Invaders
Dragon Ball Z Invaders game

Drive and Dodge
Version of the classic arcade Dodgem game.

Hop N Bop
A MarioBros style involving knocking over aliens.

Baby Pacman

Battle Pong
The next generation of Pong!

Mouse Stealer
a foreign language game that you have to kleep your mouse away from the character on the screen for as long as possible.!

Van Wilder Beer Pong
Play Pong Frat Style.

Pinball King
Pinball King

like pong

A pinball game with a tennis theme.

Marble Mayhem
Roll the marble toward the goal in a game reminiscent of the classic Marble Madness.

Inside Out Pinball
A pinball game with a twist

Like pong.. hit the ball and knock out the panels.

Power Ball
Power Ball - Bat the ball to your opponent and keep hitting it like pong


Pacman Untamed
Pacman Untamed - With a twist

Break the bricks - Collect the points - Beat 50 stages

Boa Constrictor
Crawl though the labyrinth and eat all what you run into. The boa can bump into the walls, but not into its own tail - that will take a life. With one exception - this snake can bite off the very last segment of its tail - and this gives a big bonus.
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