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Classic Games

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Puzzle Bobble
The arcade classic in all its glory...

Chuckie Egg
A flash remake of the classic ZX Spectrum game.

Pacman Japan
Pacman in a japan style look

Battle Snake
Remix of the classic snake game, with smooth controls and colour customizing. This game can go on forever.

Traffic Control 3D
Welcome to Traffic Control 3D! TC3D adds fantastic new depth to the challenge on controlling city traffic. New in TC3D are T-junctions and corners as well as a fantastic new isometric view of the city. The classic feel of traffic control still remains though with a kicking soundtrack and traffic that just keeps on coming!

Load of Croc
Frogger style game.

Great converstion of the arcade game Frogger.

Breakout 360
360 version of breakout!

An addicting block game with a twist.

Sorta just like snake.

Tiny Pinball
A lot of fun packed into a tiny pinball game.

Like the classic Atari game, Defender...

Flash Pacman

Frogger 2004
Mike has made Frogger 2004!

Slack Man
a little like pacman just your getting donuts

SpongeBob Squarepants
Enter Sponge Bob's aquatic world and venture through doing odd jobs and strange missions.

Caray Snake
Caray Snake is a variation on the classic arcade game Snake where your tail gets longer with each object eaten, and you must avoid running into your tail. What makes this game different is you move the snake only one square at a time.

Aniki Ping Pong
Its Ping Pong Just with a twist!

The classic pen and pencil game.

Bounce Back
Sorta just like pong! but with powerups
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