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Flying Games

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Extreme Heli Boarding
Make sure you're ensured as you'll be preforming massive jumps and tricks at extreme height

Hyper Doughe
How far can you travel?

Help the Space Man run as far as possible.

Asteroid Field
Try to hit as many Asteroids as you can as you travel through the Asteroid Field.

Star Chaser
Try to escape from the alien ships, unlimited ammo, but watch your shield. Have FUN!

SD - Thrust
Can you land your ship before your fuel runs out?

Fly plane thru buildings and under bridges!

The cave of death
We pilot a small UFO, and it must not crash in the walls

Holy Cow!
Before you can enter the holy gates of heaven, you must perform a number of good deeds by helping the depressed. Do you have what it takes to be a Holy Cow?

Thrust II
Pilot the spaceship and destroy the ballons. After that, land.

Mars Encounter
Defeat swarms of enemies.

Fly Fly

Collect the orbs, carry them into space. If you lack fuel, fly over the fuel post to refill. Complete all missions and submit your score!

Mini Chopper
Sorta like Heli Chopper

Sky FireFighter
Put out the fires.

UFO 101
Mr Greenberg just purchased a brand new UFO that he must learn how to fly. Using the arrow keys help him fly his UFO. Get extra bonus points for knocking the traffic cones, but don't bump into the other UFOs on the road.

He's small, but hungry!

Chopper Drop
Blow up the buildings before you crash into them!

Bump Copter
Soar through the skies in a plastic helicopter! All you have to do is fly to the flag without hitting objects along the way.

The Last Wave
Destroy the Alien Fleet before they attack Earth!
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