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Welcome to! We currently have over 3000 free online games for you to play. You can begin by choosing a game category on the left hand menu or using our game search. Below are some of our more popular games. Please check back often as we are always adding new games and features.

Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam is up against the alien fleet of UFOs with a rocket launcher to rescue his abducted cows!

Happy Land
Punch The sadness out of happyland

Rock, Paper Sicssors Game

Collect the ghouls etc

Kill Teletubbies
Use your chainsaw,pistol our sniper rifle

Tomato Bounce
Help the tomatoes escape the dreaded salad!

Goo Slasher
The Original GooSlasher

Allez le plus loin possible en vitant les trous sur le chemin

Tarzan and Jane Adventure Jungle Jump
A Adventure Of Tarzan and Jane finding diamonds and avoiding obsticles

Alex Trax
See In Game

Fists of the Metermaid
Fend off the zombies while you write parking tickets

Luigis Day
Try to Collect All The Coins

Colosseum Blackjack
Win Big!!

Banker Brokers
Banker Brokers Slingo!*

Shift Poker Solitaire
Can't find anyone to play poker with? Play alone with this great combination of poker and solitaire!

Joking Apart Video Poker
Joking Apart Video Poker

Kamala Blackjack
Win Big!!

3 Card Poker
just like @ the casino!

Gravity Pong
A different type of style of Pong how many balls can you handle?

Invaders 2002
A old school space invader game but in are time

A pinball game with a tennis theme.

Flash Pinball
Flash pinball game.

Load of Croc
Frogger style game.

Xmas Invaders
Classic Space Invaders with a Christmas Theme

Extreme Heli Boarding
Make sure you're ensured as you'll be preforming massive jumps and tricks at extreme height

Reach to the green zone. Then you will be teleported to the next stage of the game.

KF 9000
Fly a kite and hit red balloons to collect points.

Air Heads
Keep the balloon in the air for as long as possible.

Asteroid Type Game

Alien Invasion 2
this isn't your ordianry alien invasion if you remember the first wink_smile.gif

Snoopy Click
Memory with Snoopy!

Test Your Memory

A simon memory type game

Mammary Memory
Can you remember what Lulu flashes you?

Cubix Says
a memory game sorta like simon

Winnie Memory
Winnie the Pooh Matching Game

Harry the Hamster
Help Harry get home.

Amazon Quest
This game like Bejeweled wants to lead you on a quest. Turn off the illuminated blocks by making rows of 3 or more equal icons. Watch the time!!

Spell Catcher
Catch as many spells as possible. Jump onto the super-bouncy see-saw and catch the red spells.

Mah Jongg Garden
Click two matching tiles to remove them. Only free tiles can be selected. Free tiles are not covered by any other tiles and have a free edge on the left or right side. There are two tilesets of each game. Click 'Deal New Tileset' to move to the next tileset.

Just another type of tetris

Parking Zone
A puzzle game.

GiG Racer
Can you rescue all the band members?

Street Drifting
Customize your car and race on various tracks to achieve one of top three positions.

Crash Test Danny
How far can you launch Danny's Car? What will propel it further, the airbag or the petrol can?

Park The Caravan
Park the caravan as fast as you can.

Island OffRoad
Race around the island ..

Dont Hit the cones

Missle Defender
Shoot the missles without blowing up the city

Your main goal in to STAY ALIVE. Destroy as many enemies as you can with your cannon.

Pigeon Hunter
Keep this redneck happy by shooting any pigeons which come close to his truck. Any bird shit which hits the truck will raise his anger level.

Snipe everyone in the windows and move to final battle

Mouse Shooting Game

Sky Attack
get the things that drop down

Angel Run
Keep the angel away from the devil boy

Type the word, Letters, And numbers that Show Up

Gift Shift
Gift Shift - Sort the required number of presents each shift

Barb Jump
Play jump rope with barb wire

Throw Me
Throw Me - Throw the object as far as you can

Trivial Blitz
Pick the correct answers.

Kanga Kick
Kick the rugby ball in between the two posts and get those needed points.

Action Fish
Catch as many fish as you can before the time runs out.

Bike Mania 2

3D Superball
A 3d keep uppy style game.

Fishing Impossible
Bounce the cats along catching fish.

WC Book Cricket
Cricket Book Style

Christmas Tree
Put the lights on the tree in the correct order.

Pizza Passion
Toss your pizza as high as you can.

Scooby Doo Snack Machine
Start different machine and direct the snacks to Scooby Doo.!.

Joe the Barbarian
Joe the Barbarian

Wedgie Toss
Give the criminal a wedgie.

Throw the javelin as far as possible.
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