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Welcome to! We currently have over 3000 free online games for you to play. You can begin by choosing a game category on the left hand menu or using our game search. Below are some of our more popular games. Please check back often as we are always adding new games and features.

Help Rudolph get all the presents.

IK Plus
Use your sheild to block the balls

Ball Toucher
Get the white and yellow coloured balls but keep away from the others.

Pencak Silat
Fighting Game

Axegang Rampage
Throw Axes your enemys and use your special attacks!

Sky Diver
You jump from the airplane by hitting space and open your parachute by hitting space again. The goal is to land as close as possible to the center of the target.

Alex Trax
See In Game

Magic Egg
Pikachu.. Easter eggs, breakout like. what can be wrong?

Terror Tubby
Kill the Teletubbies

Tommy Gun!
Fight for your survival by killing the mafia.

Hydro Blast
Blast the underwater dangers

Astroboy vs One Bad Storm
A simple arcade game featuring Astroboy!

Slots 3
Slot Machine

Joking Apart Video Poker
Joking Apart Video Poker

Slingo Absolutely Poker
Absolutely Poker Slingo Sytle

Make A Suit
How many suits can you match?

Spurs Poker Solitaire
Can't find anyone to play poker with?
Play alone with this great combination of poker and solitaire!

Kenoka Slingo
Kenoka Slingo Game!

Take turns against the CPU in 360 degree rong (round-pong).

Pac Pong
A pong style game with a twist you control both bats..

Mouse Stealer
a foreign language game that you have to kleep your mouse away from the character on the screen for as long as possible.!

A feline version of the classic Memory card game.

Classic old game of pong. Shoot the most points with your paddle and win.

Van Wilder Beer Pong
Play Pong Frat Style.

Endless Flight 2
Guide the red dragon through the neverending tunnel.

Air Heads
Keep the balloon in the air for as long as possible.

Red Bull FluTag
Those crazy flying machines, how far can you fly ?

Bump Copter
Soar through the skies in a plastic helicopter! All you have to do is fly to the flag without hitting objects along the way.

He's small, but hungry!

Fly and Die 2003
Fly and Die.

Mammary Memory
Can you remember what Lulu flashes you?


Rufus Recall
Find the matching pictures.

One Piece - Card Game
Match The Cards

Memory Madness
Simon like game maybe a little harder. depends how skilled you are

Click The Colour
Click the colour and not the word.

Yahtzee 23.

Magic Stone
See In The Game.

Maze Game
Can you get the ball to end?

Scratch to Win
Scratch to win 2000

Crazy Maze
Guide the green ball thru the maze

Jump Ball
Guide the jumping ball to collect the coins. Avoid the arrows.

Yeti Pentathlon
You practiced playing Yetisports - from Pingu Throw to Flamingo Drive - for a long time . Now its time for Yeti to show his skills in all 5 parts

Cursor Love Bunny
Use your mouse to exactly trace the bunnys outline. You need a steady hand to win!

Dare Level
Drive the streets dodging other cars

Hamster Race
Guide the little hamster around the track by clicking the mouse. Run off the course and the game is over.

Super Taxi
You are a taxi driver and have to take the person on the level to their destination.

Micro Machines
Race your Micro Machines around two tracks in the fastest time.

Matrix Dock Defense
The game starts with four APU Units on the dock. Sentinels will attack from a breach in the dock's dome.

Lost in space
A space shooter game

Skies of War
Take to the skies and destroy the enemy bases and assets

Frogs Plague 2
There is a plague of Frogs, try to kill as many as you can.

Delta Flash
shoot the weird things

Counterstrike - Lite
Shoot the targets in the given time... 4 maps to choose from..

Punt The Ref
Kick the ref as far as you can

Use the arrow keys to expand and contract the spinning stick, try and collect the blocks with the black end of the centrifuge. Avoid the red bombs otherwise it's game over!

Dodge the two circles for as long as possible.

Diver Duck
Life as a very small duck is not easy. It would certainly help to have a little extra money to create a more comfortable lifestyle.

The Return to Pearl Harbor
How Far Can you Jump The Boat?

Candy Toss
Toss candy from the rooftop to the kids below.

Spin Balls
Click the Grey Pegs to Rotate the Balls. Match 4 balls in a square to remove them.

Archery 2000
Shoot the target with arrows as it moves across the screen.

Fishing Lalala
Catch as many fish as you can

Crazy Bike
Completr all 10 Tracks!

Torino 2006 Snowboarding
Snowboarding Torino 2006 Olympic Style

Touch the bouncing balls to get them moving then avoid them!

Sim Lemonade Millionaire
Sim Lemonade Millionaire

Lemonade Larry
Lemonade Larry Multiplication game for kids (NO SCORING)

Five Acorns
Eddie and Crash perform an incredible balancing act whilst throwing acorns into Scrats basket as fast as possible.

Merry Fcking Xmas
Santa has finally gotten fed up with all the non believers. Deliver presents to good children, bomb the crap out of everyone else.

Popem Up
Pop The Bubbles

Cheat Master
Cheat in all your exam subjects. Get caught and you fail that class.
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