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Welcome to! We currently have over 3000 free online games for you to play. You can begin by choosing a game category on the left hand menu or using our game search. Below are some of our more popular games. Please check back often as we are always adding new games and features.

Metal Arm FAWEGE
Use your mechanical fighter to smash up the robot opponent, uppercut, jab, block and power attack.

Bird Feeding
Feed the birds

Cheese Hunt
Move the mouse with arrow keys, jump on top of mushrooms and fences to collect cheese and avoid spike traps.

Eva y Adan
Stay away from the gorilla , but try and give Eva one.

Rock, Paper Sicssors Game

Metal Armor
in game

Terror Tubby
Kill the Teletubbies

Mario Time Attack Remix
Some Lakitu has kidnapped princess Peach, you have to help Mario run against time and bring her back safely! But there are many obstacles and difficulties along the way, so be careful.

Bombjack 2 [ New Levels ]
Another Adventure of Might Bombjack Just harder

Astroboy vs One Bad Storm
A simple arcade game featuring Astroboy!

Sub 2
Zoom through the bottom of the sea collecting treasures in your submarine but avoid crashing into sharks and fish.

Super Mario Mushroom
Mario is after mushrooms can you catch them all and beat all 25 levels?

Crazy 7s
Crazy 7s Slingo Style!!

Spurs Poker Solitaire
Can't find anyone to play poker with?
Play alone with this great combination of poker and solitaire!

Can you set each goal for each round?

Cyber Slots
Spin n Win!

BlackJack 2
BlackJack. Just like at the Casino.

Lucky Eights
Score big points by matching colors, numbers and creating straights.
And remember -
Lucky 888 is the most powerful hand of all.

a nice shooter

Battle Pong
The next generation of Pong!

Elite Mahjong Full
Description of Elite Mahjong The classic ancient puzzle is now even more of a brain-bender! Featuring a special tile set and background for children, it's Mahjong fun for the entire family! Enjoy various game modes from easy to almost unsolvable. Choose a background and tile set that you like and get to solving! With absorbing music and sound effects, come relax with Elite Mahjong today!

Go Johnny Go
Similar to the classic arcade game Supercars 2, your car is packed with missiles and a machine gun to help you do some race-time damage. Anything goes; you just have to finish.

Mahjong Connect
A Classic Game Of Mahjong

Hot Rocks
Fantastic Asteroids recreation... Very authentic classic gameplay with a serious modern soundtrack that just... ROCKS!

in game

Bump Copter
Soar through the skies in a plastic helicopter! All you have to do is fly to the flag without hitting objects along the way.

Paper Airplane Game
Fly the plane but avoid everything!

Anti Aircraft Gun
Go into enemys territory and destroy their aircrafts. But be careful of their antiaircraft guns.

Cliff Diver
Jump off a cliff and dive into the water, avoid the birds and eggs on the way.

Helicopter Flying Game!

Rufus Recall
Find the matching pictures.

memory game

Metro Match
Match pairs of identical images before your time runs out!


3D Memory
a 3d matching game

Memory 3D
how fast can you match the cards?

Christmas Tiles
A mahjong style game with an xmas theme.

Master Of The Lawn
Eat the worms and butterflies without hitting the flowers, the edge or yourself.

Lilo + Stich - Kauai Caper
It's Lilos birthday , help Stich solve puzzle to make a great party

Mahjongg 2
clear the board!

Chess Game Choose Your Difficulty

Upside Down
a crazy puzzle game where you turn the wheel round and circles and try to make it to the next level

5 Miles 2 Go
Only 5 miles to go in the race. 5 cars in the "front pack" with same speed, same horsepower are fighting for the lead!!!

Canuck Rally Snowmobile
Race the snowmobile around the track

Micro Machines
Race your Micro Machines around two tracks in the fastest time.

Race through 5 stages and try to become champion.

Jackhammer Rampage
Go on a rampage with your jackhammer by running over small woodland creatures!

Emperors Mad Dash
Win the race.

Spy Hunter
See how long you can survive.

Balloon Hunter
Pop as many Balloons as you can!

Trojan Guard
Gain points for hitting a missile. Lose points for hitting a grenadier or getting hit by a missile.

Star Fly
Can you fly your way thru and beat all the bosses?

Painkiller Jane - Pain Resister
Launch Painkiller Jane as far as you can while shooting and getting more points as you go

Alpha Bravo Charlie
special-op heli rescue missions!

Tribal Jump
Help the squirrel across the water

Casse Brique
omg another breakout clone!

Music Ping - Eiffel Blue Remix
Hopefully you'll be able to FEEL THE BEAT by the end of it.

Shuffle The Penguin
Aim the penguin into the hole to score. Watch out for the wind and angle.

Sombero Sling
Fling the hat as far as you can.

Twenty Numbers
Answer the questions by selecting the correct number.

Skate Park
Jump over objects, do tricks while in the air and rail slide to score points.

Hammer Throw
Throw the hammer as far as you can. Spin the hammer thrower and build speed and then release the hammer. But dont throw it into the cage.

Garage Door Tennis
You can aim the ball by hitting it with different parts of your racket.

npower Test Series Cricket
You have got 12 overs and 10 wickets to build an unassailable total!

City Jumper: NY Bonus Edition
New York Edition with Bonus Levels!!

David - Dawn Of A King
Help David find the Lost Sheep and avoid the rampaging wild animals.

Mili&Tari Copter
Hover the Copter through the parachuting bombs.

Become a big, fat blob today!

The Simpsons - Wrecking Ball
Help Homer save his family from the police by using the first thing at hand - a wrecking ball

Xtreme Climber
An action game with bosses and enemies

Mercury Drops
catch the small drops before they grow!!

Falafel King
Play as a Falafel vendor, prepare delicious snacks for your impatient customers and earn money to become the Falafel King.
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